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Warroad Public Schools
The Challenge

Located just five miles south of the US/Canadian border, Warroad Public Schools serves students in the rural communities of northern Minnesota. Warroad is home to one of the last true, one-room schoolhouses in America along with a traditional preschool, elementary and high school. The district sought to provide learning options and to establish a fully blended and personalized learning model that leveraged a 1:1 technology deployment. .

Our Work

Through our Framework for Facilitated Personalized Learning, Zia provided in-depth district consulting, ongoing web-based PD and intensive embedded coaching. We worked with instructional leaders to develop a digital PLC that allowed teachers to collaborate and share strategies as they grew their personalized learning teaching skills. Additionally, Zia worked with the district to develop exemplar resources that served to highlight transformation and seed ongoing success.   .

The Results

Teachers across the district not only successfully completed the PD experience but also became part of an ongoing Digital Professional Learning Community where Zia worked alongside teachers and continued to share innovation, strategies, and resources.   Teachers were able to successfully make the important and crucial transition from traditional learning to an innovative approach of blended and personalized learning. The district went on to win multiple, national education innovation awards and received state-level recognition for their students continued growth. 

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