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LifeSkills Charter Schools
The Challenge

Life Skills Virtual Charter had been placed on Academic probation by the state of Ohio for continued low student completion and achievement. They sought to increase student success by providing an online curriculum that was personalized to students' needs and interests while also providing rich and engaging project and performance-based options and focusing on career and SEL skill development.  

Our Work

Zia Learning began a two-year project to develop a full suite of K-12 digital curriculum to serve students of the LifeSkills blended learning program and the OhDela online charter. Over 120 fully online courses were built leveraging a unique combination of digital learning options coupled with project and problem-based learning. In addition, teachers and staff were provided ongoing professional development and support in their implementation of the curriculum and a remote and blended teaching model.

The Results

These efforts yielded meaningful, measurable results including:

• A 39% increase in overall pass/achievement rates

• The implementation of a full teacher training and professional development/learning program that provides staff upfront training and ongoing support

• A 57% increase in Ohio State Board of Education Positive Rating Indicators for Charter/Alternative Schools Student Growth

• Growth from 80% to 95% in state-monitored daily Active Learner Engagement Rates (Active Learner Engagement Rates are a state of Ohio monitored and mandated data requirement for all students learning in an online or blended learning environment)

• 75% of students demonstrated growth in MAP standardized testing Growth Indicators

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