What does it mean to serve the "whole child?"  

How can a personalized learning environment allow for both individualized instruction and a focus on individual student SEL needs and skills?

​​In a personalized learning environment:

  • Students require certain SEL SKILLS to be successful. 
  • The teacher has the time and ability to identify and address students’ SEL NEEDS and develop SEL skills!   

SEL lessons integrated across the  k-12 curriculum in math, science, social science and ELA 

Engaging simulations

 An interactive online learning platform that gives students the SEL skills they need to succeed!

  • Autonomous/Independent learning             
  • Time and Task Management
  • Goal Setting                                                    
  • 21st Century Communication skills
  • Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship 

Personalized Connections

The Zia SEL student curriculum ties these five competencies to digital learner readiness to create a comprehensive student program to address student meta-cognitive and non-cognitive skills in an engaging and interactive environment that presents the competencies via simulations, media, game-based challenges and awareness surveys.

Zia Learning has developed a comprehensive web based SEL curriculum based on the CASEL SEL Competencies:

Teacher SEL Model and teacher framework coupled with intensive PD and support. 

Real world scenarios

The skills students need to succeed in a blended and personalized learning environment are the same skills that are required for college and career readiness.  SEL Skills for Success is a student success course that gives students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century classroom.

Personalized learning+ SEL Support= Student Success

Digital Media Segments

project & Collaboration opportunities

SEL Skills For Success