SEL Skills For Success

Digital Media Segments

The Zia SEL student curriculum ties these five competencies to digital learner readiness to create a comprehensive student program to address student meta-cognitive and non-cognitive skills in an engaging and interactive environment that presents the competencies via simulations, media, game-based challenges and awareness surveys.

project & Collaboration opportunities

 An interactive online learning platform that gives students the SEL skills they need to succeed!

Zia Learning has developed a comprehensive web based SEL curriculum based on the CASEL SEL Competencies:

What does it mean to serve the "whole child?"  

How can a personalized learning environment allow for both individualized instruction and a focus on individual student SEL needs and skills?

​​In a personalized learning environment:

  • Students require certain SEL SKILLS to be successful. 
  • The teacher has the time and ability to identify and address students’ SEL NEEDS and develop SEL skills!   

Personalized Connections

SEL lessons integrated across the  k-12 curriculum in math, science, social science and ELA 

Teacher SEL Model and teacher framework coupled with intensive PD and support. 

Engaging simulations

Real world scenarios

The skills students need to succeed in a blended and personalized learning environment are the same skills that are required for college and career readiness.  SEL Skills for Success is a student success course that gives students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century classroom.

  • Autonomous/Independent learning             
  • Time and Task Management
  • Goal Setting                                                    
  • 21st Century Communication skills
  • Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship 

Personalized learning+ SEL Support= Student Success