Zia Learning is a nationally recognized expert and innovator in remote, blended, and online learning. With over a decade of experience in this space, we have developed a fully web/virtual based professional development series that covers the critical aspects of high-quality remote instruction and focuses on increasing success and engagement for all learners. Visit an introduction to the series, see a sample module, and explore the complete list of titles and PD objectives below. 

Module 6: ​Differentiation Strategies for Remote Learning

Remote Learning Web-based PD Options​

Module 8: Synchronous Instructional Strategies: Effective Use of Webinar Tools


  • Evaluate effective strategies for establishing a sense of community and relationships in a remote learning


  • Examine a variety of tools and methods to increase student engagement

  • Analyze the importance of student agency and determine methods to support student growth as

    autonomous learners

  • Develop a goal statement for these strategies

  • Implement these strategies and techniques and perform a post-implementation reflection and self-


 Our research and evidence-based program have resulted in 38% gains in overall student engagement and completion of Remote Learning options in district and statewide adoptions in Ohio, Texas, and Illinois. The program is fully web-based and can be offered directly to your teachers as simple web-links or loaded into any LMS (we are fully IMS compliant for interoperability).

Module 9: The Role of Family Support in Remote Learning - Diverse Learner version

Module 4:Supporting Students SEL Needs in Remote Learning

Module 1: Foundations for Success in Remote Learning

Module 7: ​Remote Classroom Management Strategies

Module 10: Developing Assessments for Remote Learning

Module 2: Supporting Diverse Learners Through Remote Learning

Module 3: Lesson Planning and Design for Remote Learning

Module 5: Effective Communication Strategies in a Remote Environment