On November 2, 2017 The Learning Counsel held our annual end-of-the-year event, The Gathering. During this event we looked back on the developments of the past year as well as focused forward to ensuring steady footing on the path ahead. As part of this event, our Learning Groups got together to discuss their specific topics in-depth. These discussions brought up many important points and questions regarding the shift to digital curriculum.

Autonomous learning, also called student-centered learning is tied to the change in focus in the classroom from the teacher to the student. According to Gonzales, "It relates to personalized learning as students are given great voice and choice in their learning paths. However, autonomous learning also requires students to be more responsible learners.  

Personalized learning is sweeping the nation as the latest education trend, but one company says it's more than just a fad. They believe it's the way teachers will teach and students will learn in the future, and are working across the US to prepare schools for this innovative education environment.

School district administrators across the country are moving full steam ahead with personalized learning implementations. The promise of these initiatives is a lofty one; the customization of learning paths to meet the individual needs of students and yield highest levels of attainment for every learner. Yet there is a major breach between the traditional ways of teaching and the emerging world of personalized learning. One educator found a way to successfully juggle the many aspects of facilitation in a personalized classroom and scale that model nation-wide through a teaching framework that has been adopted by some of the largest districts in the US.

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School districts across the country are embracing the personalized learning trend. In fact, 97 percent of district leaders surveyed by the Education Week Research Center last year indicated that their districts had invested in some form of personalized learning. 

Chicago, IL, April 20, 2017

The blueprint codifies the role of teacher as facilitator in a user-friendly framework that breaks down the art of facilitation into four clear domains

By: Robin Gonzales

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By: Cebron Walker, Editor

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By: Dr. Hope Dugan

The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost surely be able to create the complete works of William Shakespeare. However, the probability that monkeys would be able to create one of Shakespeare's masterpieces is so tiny that the statistical chance of it occurring is almost zero. Put succinctly, all things are possible, but not all things are probable.

The Groups Get Together
By: Troy Starr, Learning Counsel Writer

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