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Personalized learning Guide

The notion of personalized learning stems from the realization that in any given classroom there are a vast array of learning styles, abilities, and interests.  While the pedagogy and practice of personalized learning is certainly not new, the rise of adaptive technologies and digital curriculum has generated an increased focus on the potential to reach each student where they are, and how they learn best. Rather than seeing the new focus on personalized learning as yet another mandate in a long litany of education theories, it is advantageous to any implementation to recognize it as a culmination of decades of research around effective teaching and learning, coupled with the digitization of curriculum tied to adaptive assessments.  While neither the trends nor the theories are particularly new, there is still a great deal of confusion around:
      • A clear definition of next generation personalized learning
      • The role of competency based models 
      • The difference between independent learning and personalized learning 
      • How online and digital curriculum are leveraged in this model
      • The role of the teacher in a personalized learning environment 
      • Clear implementation models that deliver authentic personalized learning 
      • The role of social-emotional and non-cognitive skill development in an autonomous classroom