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Teachers and districts have called for specific professional development and training to support effective personalized and blended instruction. While every district is different, there are key questions that all districts must consider. As you plan, build and execute your blended learning programs, use this framework, and the accompanying evaluation tools, to provide teachers support for the innovative practice of blended learning. Both the F2PI Framework and Evaluation tool, are based on over two decades of experience in blended and technology rich classrooms and support the iNACOL Standards for High Quality Blended Teaching and Learning.  

Zia Framework for facilitated

Personalized Instruction

Zia Learning is proud to have worked to build personalized, blended and online learning programs and courses across the United States. During our work with districts of every size, serving students with a wide range of needs, we have developed the following framework to ensure effective implementation of personalized and blended learning programs.  We are proud to have served as the Chair of the Mindset Standards for Teaching in the Blended Classroom for iNACOL.  We are pleased to release to following Framework to assist districts in implementing and evaluating their personalized and blended learning programs.  Contact us to learn more about our PD and implementation services to support the Framework in your school.  Click the "play" button below to access a tutorial and module version of the Framework.