What does engaging and interactive personalized learning look like? 


We add inquiry, project based and applied learning.

  - Live webcasts & current events

  - Digital experiences

  - Rich interactions 

  - Collaborative projects



We know that the power of a blended model is the ability to create a personalized, student-centered learning environment. Online courses and digital curriculum give teachers the tools to make that possible. However, the online course is just one aspect of a blended model. 

Students need opportunities to create, collaborate and explore.  

Rich and relevant curriculum with visually engaging components to reach today's learner.

Highest quality digital media and video segments to support every lesson.

Interactive simulations and digital kinesthetic learning options.

Formative, adaptive and summative assessments coupled with meaningful project based learning options.



Our curriculum is based on a unique digital differentiation model that provides personalized learning for individual learning modalities.

Real world connections, current events and extensions of learning.

​​Re-Thinking Personalized Learning

Zia personalized learning courses move beyond traditional online learning to provide students truly engaging and interactive curriculum.

And move students from recalling & regurgitating to:

- Applying 

- Analyzing

- Evaluating 

- Creating