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In response to the COVID 19 crisis and a nation-wide transition to remote learning, Zia partnered with Sodexo to develop critical resources to support "Healthy Habits at Home for Remote Learning." This series provides videos, learning modules, and interactive games that focus on:

  1. Healthy activities while learning at home
  2. Healthy eating and nutrition
  3. Healthy hygiene 
  4. Healthy choices and habits
  5. Healthy mindset for remote learning including:

           - Time management 

           - Task management 

           - Goal setting

           - Family supports

The series includes over 30 digital media segments, interactive games, and digital learning modules to support students and families with remote learning success strategies.  Visit www.healthyhabitsathome.org to see the full set of resources. 

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Healthy Habits for Remote Learning gives students the support and skills they need to succeed in remote learning environments. Click below to explore!

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